Friday, September 30, 2011

Biking Iowa: Grant Wood Trail

I was driving through Jones County the other day, when I came across a small rest area on the way to Anamosa.  The rest area was a trail head for the Grant Wood Trail, west of the small town of Olin.

The Grant Wood Trail runs about 3.5 miles, a little short for a bike ride, but perfect for walking.  It was a pretty stretch of nature, with wildflowers and corn fields bordering the trail.

A lot of folks are calling Iowa the "king of bike trails," and I'm starting to discover why.  I carry my folding travel bike in the back of my car whenever I'm on the road for work, so I'm always ready for a quick ride whenever I see a new trail.  It's a great way to stretch my legs and get a little exercise while I'm traveling for work.  And it seems like there really is a bike trail in every county in Iowa, even in unexpected spots like little towns.

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