Saturday, September 3, 2011

Iowa Road Trip: Missouri - Mississippi Divide

A few weeks back, I was driving in west-central Iowa along Highway 44, when I noticed a sign on the road that said "Missouri - Mississippi Divide."  I had never heard of this before, so I looked it up when I got back home.  Turns out, it's the dividing line where every river on the west side flows to the Missouri River, and every river on the east side flows to the Mississippi River.

I learned a little bit about the geography of my state just by reading a highway sign! 

It was such a beautiful, hilly area, I stopped to take a few pictures before heading on my way.

Have you ever heard of the Missouri - Mississippi Divide?

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  1. I know exactly where you are talking about and I felt exactly the same way about it. In fact, I couldn't help but get off the freeway and wander around all of the farm roads while checking out the scenery. Since I had been traveling a long distance and the midday heat made me tired..i thought nothing of pulling over along side a road and finding a big shady tree on someone's farm on a hill top. I took a really nice nap as the cool breeze flowed through all of the wild grasses and flowers...I heard nothing but the wind and insects and maybe a cow off in the distance...i must have been the only person in a 2-4 mile radius around this gigantic field. It was a awesome siesta...HAHA!!!!! perfect temperature...


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