Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July odds & ends

I thought it would be fun to show you what I've been up to so far this summer.  I'm in love with my garden right now.  My herb pot looks amazing, and I've been harvesting ever-bearing strawberries and early tomatoes almost every day.

Last week, I visited the Des Moines farmers market and picked up the most delicious Missouri peaches.  We ended up eating a whole bag full of peaches in one day! They were that good!

We finally got rain last week!  It totaled about 0.8 inch over two separate rainstorms.  I was so excited to see rain after our two-week dry spell, I just had to take a photo while I waited in my car for the rain to stop.

I picked up this bag of Vidalia onions at the grocery store, and I was surprised to see Josh Turner, one of my favorite country singers, on the bag. It made me like Vidalia onions even more :)

My sister found this message in her fortune cookie the other day.  What does it mean?

I'm convinced that ice cream tastes even better when it's 100 degrees outside, and when it's eaten with a wood spoon.

I bought a few annual flowers and a couple tomatoes on sale to help fill out bare spots in my garden where the seeds didn't come up.  Do you ever buy plants at the end of the season?

My husband and I spent an afternoon shopping at the Bass Pro Shop in Altoona.  I loved this unique merry-go-round at the entrance.  Is this new?  I don't remember it from previous visits.

So what have you been up to this summer?  It's been a hot one, but a lot of fun!

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