Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Sac County barn quilt


  1. There are many of these barn quilts in our County here in upper central Wisconsin-- I understand these can be purchased for $250. It's amazing how almost all of them seem to be different, but equally beautiful. I'm enjoying your blogging. I'm a farmer woman, through and through-- my 'baby steps' recipe blog is at and I'm having fun experimenting with different kinds of recipes-- but, mostly, I'm for 'simple and old-fashioned'. I like that you are aiming for 'healthy foods'-- my husband describes some of the products of healthy recipes 'rabbit food', but he still makes a pretty good taste tester. : )

  2. Hi! I'm a city girl who likes the country and enjoying wandering around your blog on a rainey night. Thanks for the info on the barn quilts--I'm on a quest for one...I think. Your recipies make me want to go create something! I'll be back to enjoy wandering the countryside through your pictures. :) Rhonda in Des Moines


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