Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carrot quick bread using Ultragrain flour

A couple weeks ago, I won a free bag of Ultragrain flour from the company's Facebook giveaway.  I discovered Ultragrain flour at the Iowa State Fair this summer, where the company reps were handing out free, warm chocolate chip cookies made with Ultragrain.  Even though Ultragrain is a whole-wheat flour, you can bake with Ultragrain like white flour.  It has more fiber than all-purpose flour, without the whole-wheat texture.

My husband and I are trying to eat healthier, but my hubby isn't a big fan of whole-grain breads and pastas.  That's why I buy the soft white whole-grain breads at the grocery store.  The Ultragrain flour is used in a lot of those breads, according to the company's website.

I've been using Ultragrain flour for the past few months in my cookie and quick bread recipes.  For the most part, I haven't noticed a difference in the taste of the baked goods, although sometimes the texture seems a little heavier, but it might just be imagining a difference.  My husband hasn't noticed a difference at all.  He'll gobble up anything I make for him!

I have found Ultragrain flour at the East Lincoln Way Hy-Vee in Ames and at the Fareway store in north Ames.  I believe the packaging has been redesigned and is no longer called "Eagle Mills" flour, according to the company's Facebook page.  Instead, look for the "Ultragrain" name.  The flour is available in both all-purpose flour and white whole wheat flour varieties.  I've been baking with the all-purpose flour.

One of my husband's favorite recipes is a carrot quick bread I found in Cooking Light magazine years ago.  It's a fun breakfast bread to make, mostly because it uses not one -- but three -- different types of flour, including soy flour for added protein. I thought it would also be a great recipe to showcase the Ultragrain flour.

Look for soy flour in the baking aisle, with the other flours.
As you could probably guess, the real reason why my husband likes the carrot quick bread is because of the cream cheese frosting!  It's like eating carrot cake, but a lot healthier.  You can find the recipe on the Cooking Light website.

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