Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowed in

Is this the Arctic Circle? No. It's Iowa.

I took these photos while waiting for my work colleague to pick me at a Park & Ride for Central Iowa commuters. It was -14 degrees outside when I took these photos from the comfort of my pickup truck.

Today, I'm stuck at home again. Another snowstorm moved through last night, dumping 5 inches on top of the almost 2 feet of snow already on the ground. Today, the winds are so strong, the snow is drifting over the roads and creating "white-out" driving conditions.

Here's the lovely view from my front porch.

Brrr! And the view from my back porch.

My husband was in the middle of a home improvement project and didn't clean off the back deck before the snow arrived last month. The snow has really piled up on the deck.

At least I have my new AeroGarden to brighten up my house! The first sprouts appeared this week.

The Twinkle Phlox are a little slow, but I see a few sprouts poking up.

My husband has also taken his hobbies indoors. He's been spending a lot of time on his 75-gallon aquarium. He loves to grow plants in his aquarium.

There are a few tetra fish swimming around his tank, although he needs to restock it with some more plant-friendly fish.

Boy, it's hard to take a picture of a moving fish!

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  1. At least it makes for some pretty photos! I love your little Areogarden:) and the aquarium is beautiful.


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