Friday, January 15, 2010

MSC Club: Coconut Cupcakes

Don't tell Martha.  But I cheated.

I used store-bought frosting on these gorgeous coconut cupcakes, the January pick for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club.  I was too scared to try the recipe for Seven Minute Frosting.  I've burned myself on hot sugar syrup one too many times.  So I decided to play it safe, even though it means ignoring my obsession with following every recipe as written.

Can I tell you, I adored these cupcakes.  These are my favorite so far from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book.  And they actually turned out like a cupcake, not a muffin!  I love that there is shredded coconut in the batter.  I'm an absolute nut for coconut!  Reminds me of my trip to Hawaii, where my husband and I ate coconut shrimp and drank Pina Coladas every night.

Don't they look like Hostess snowballs?  Ador-a-ble!

And so yummy and rich!  But I have to admit, I'm not sure I like the canned "vanilla" frosting.  I'll be making these again, if I can perfect the frosting.  Thanks to Cinema Cupcakes for the great pick this month!


  1. Oh, they look lovely. I grew up in Iowa. You can have the winters, but I miss the summers. I made these and we LOVED them, as a matter of fact, I only made half a batch so doing another half today as guys really loved them. The frosting was a little daunting, but I did it and I would definitely do it again, it was fun and the texture of it, etc. out of this world. Half a batch makes enough to frost a full batch of cupcakes (also why I am making the second half today to use up the frosting). Coconut Shrimp...oh, now you have me dreaming....

  2. These are fantastic - especially if you like coconut. I am also terrified of sugar syrup, but a half-recipe was a very manageable, non-scary amount to try and it worked great. Your cupcakes look beautiful!

  3. I loved these, but then again I love all things coconut...and after reading your post I really want some coconut shrimp, lol. 7 minute frosting is not my thing either. I made Martha's fluffy vanilla frosting with coconut extract instead of vanilla and it was great.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I did. And it's okay that you didn't make the 7 Minute Frosting, it was a pain in the you know what! :)

    See you next month!


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