Thursday, January 21, 2010

Icy mess

What's worse than a winter of record snow?  How about a week of freezing rain and ice.

I tried to drive to work yesterday even though my truck was covered in one-quarter inch of ice.  I ran into a curb just outside my house because I couldn't stop.  But instead of turning around and going home, I got on the Highway to drive to work. I could tell right away that was a big mistake.

I ended up sliding off the road just 10 miles outside of town.  My truck actually slid into oncoming traffic and stopped on the opposite side of the road, right before I hit the snow drift.  I'm very lucky that traffic was light and no cars were coming down the hill.  But it was so icy on the shoulder of the road, I couldn't manuever myself out.  My husband drove down to rescue me.  He brought a bag of ice and a shovel, and he managed to get my truck off the ice.  I'm still pretty shaken up about the whole experience.

When I got home, several large branches littered the ground. The branches broke under the weight of the ice.

So I spent another snow day stuck inside my house.  I've been day dreaming about my summer garden quite a bit.  I even went ahead and bought a few seed packets from Renee's Garden.  Many of the seeds are promoted as good for small gardens or container gardening, which I'm planning to experiment with this year.

The seed packets include:
  • Baby lettuce
  • Kohlrabi
  • Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Nasturiums
  • Radishes
I'm also going to try to start a few tomato and pepper seeds this winter.

And, no, you aren't just seeing things.  That's shag carpet, baby!  We still have one room in our old house with the original shag carpet.  We took out the olive green shag that covered the entire first floor and steps when we moved in.

Also, here's a week #4 photo update of my AeroGarden:

The plants are growing slowly, but they are definitely starting to pop up.  It's been fun to see them grow literally right before my eyes every time I walk by it everyday.


  1. Oh no I feel so bad for you. I'm glad you are okay! I can't wait to see your garden!

  2. Thanks! The ice is falling off the trees in chunks today instead of slowy thawing. Such strange weather! I bet all this snow will be good for the garden, though.


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