Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I've been up to: March 2013

Well, it's quite a spring we're having this year.  Our alley was a mess after all the snow and rain we received in mid-March.  Such a change from last year, when I was planting pansies in March because of the 80 degree temps.

Also this month, I stopped at the new Prairie Canary restaurant in downtown Grinnell. It's a gorgeous restaurant, with a great upscale menu. I ordered the grilled cheese pesto sandwich, which was excellent.

My family and I also stopped for lunch at  Taylor's Maid-Rite in Marshalltown.  After I posted these photos on my Facebook page, a friend told me that it used to be a no-no to put ketchup on your maid-rites at Taylor's. But now they have ketchup bottles at the counter, so I guess it's OK?

 I got to meet my new niece, Brenna Lou! She's a little shy around the camera, but such a cutie!

For work, I got to visit Berry Patch Farm in Nevada, where they are growing lettuce in greenhouses in the winter.  It was 30 degrees outside when I took this photos, but 90 degrees inside the greenhouse.  Love the Bright Light kale planted in the rows.

I'm hoping for warmer temperatures soon so I can start planting lettuce in my own garden.

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  1. You must have the best job ever getting to visit all these fun places for work!


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