Monday, March 25, 2013

Sewer line repair

A few weekends ago, my hubby noticed that our sewer line was slowly backing up in our basement. This happens to us every spring when the snow starts to melt.  There are tree roots growing into the tile line that's our sewer line, so we have to call the Rotor Rooter folks out a couple times a year to clear up the line.

Well, this time, the Rotor Rooter guy couldn't clear up the line. So we brought in another drain expert, and he told us that a section of the tile line had collapsed, and he'd have to dig it up and repair it.  We knew this repair was a long time coming, so we weren't too shocked by the news.  It just wasn't the best time of year for digging up the yard. The ground was very soft and muddy, and the backhoe left tracks in the front yard.

The repair crew was very professional, though, and we're so happy to have the sewer line fixed. We couldn't run water for almost a week, which meant we couldn't wash dishes, flush the toilets or take long showers. We ate a lot of sandwiches off paper plates, and I took showers at the local gym.  Like I said, I'm happy it's fixed and now I can get back to the kitchen to try some new recipes!

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