Thursday, March 7, 2013

Iowa recipes: Lemon salmon

After indulging in bacon and desserts over the past few weekends, I've been wanting to eat a little healthier at home.  I picked up a copy of the Centsable Health magazine at my local Fareway store, and I decided to give one of the salmon recipes a try.

This recipe for lemon salmon looked the easiest for a beginner like me. My hubby and I decided to play around with the seasonings. He cut the salmon fillets in half, then he added steak seasoning to a few pieces.  I added dill and rosemary to the others.  Then I topped them with sliced lemon. 

Everything turned out perfect, but my husband still isn't sold on salmon.  He doesn't like the taste for some reason, but he did like the salmon served cold, flaked into smaller pieces and then mixed into a romaine lettuce salad with the salad dressing of his choosing. He told me he would like to eat salmon that way again sometime, so I'll take that as a victory in trying to get him to eat healthier!


  1. Salmon is my absolute favorite fish. I like it broiled, grilled, cold the next day in a salad, in chowders, canned in casseroles or patties. Dill is a really nice herb to use with it too. It is what I order when we are out to eat and my husband wants steak.

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