Thursday, December 27, 2012

PW's Christmas finger jello

So this is the story of how my sister ended up making this epically beautiful Christmas jello.

About a week ago, I pinned a photo of the Pioneer Woman's Christmas finger jello on Pinterest.  My sister is just getting into the whole Pinterest thing, so she saw my pin and decided she wanted to try to make it for our family holiday party.  I cautioned here that it would take a lot of time to make, but she still wanted to give it a go.

Fast-forward to last week, and my sister was snowed in her country home for two days during the recent blizzard.  Her husband was staying at a hotel near his work, so she was by herself for two days and couldn't leave until he came back home to clear the driveway.  He finally made it home on the night before our family gathering, and she insisted that he drive her to the grocery store so she could get the ingredients for this jello.

Then I got a phone call from my sister, asking where she can find the gelatin called for in this recipe.  She had never heard of unflavored gelatin before. Ha!  I told her to look for it in the jello aisle.

It took her all day to make this jello.  The hard part was waiting for each layer to set before adding the next, she said.  But it turned out beautiful!  I can't stop eating it, I love it so much!

She also made these adorable cookies, pretzels and cornflake wreaths.

And just to prove that this is finger jello, I ate it with my fingers!  It was perfect!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of food, family and laughter. Does your family have a favorite Christmas treat that adds to the holiday joy?

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  1. It looks like a perfect festive finger jello. Too bad she didn't have all the ingredients when she was snowed in :)


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