Monday, December 24, 2012

Blizzard December 2012 & Snow-shoeing

We got our first real blizzard last week after nearly a year without much snow.  The weather folks say we got more than 10 inches in my neighborhood.  It was an extremely odd storm. On the first night, the blizzard delivered "thunder snow," with lightning and thunder.  My husband loves thunderstorms, so he kept taking photos of the heavy snow from our porches.  At midnight, we noticed that one of our trees had lost quite a few large branches, so my husband had to move his truck from the driveway.

We spent the next day shoveling all the snow from our driveway, porches and sidewalks.  My husband did most to the work, because we only have one shovel that works at lifting heavy snow.  And it was heavy!

Our neighbors' cat Levi, trying to take a nap in the cold.

Two days later, the road to work was still blocked by a stranded vehicle, so I took the day off and tried out my new snow-shoes on the nearby trail.  It looked like the snowmobiles had got there first, even though they aren't supposed to drive on the trail.

Breaking in my snow-shoes.  I got them for a 50 percent discount from Active Endeavors in West Des Moines.

I wish my legs were this long. Ha!

Very unflattering photo, but wanted to show off my rainbow colored balaclava.

I snow-shoed for about a mile. I wanted to go farther, though, because the snow was so beautiful. 

Did you get hit by the blizzard last week?  What did you do to keep you and your family entertained while you were snowed in?


  1. We got about a foot here in Audubon. TopDad and the boys shoveled and snowblowed (is that a word?) to get us all cleared out. Roads were plowed and we could get out and about. School ended a day early, the boys were soooo happy! I get up with the Christmas preparations, hoping the power wouldn't go out; it didn't. I've never snowshoed, but my brother does and he loves it (in Utah). Looks like lots of fun and good exercise. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Is this your first time snow shoeing? Just wondered how difficult it is for first-timers, because I've been thinking about it myself. My sister-in-law and her husband snow shoe, and I always wish I had a pair to maybe get outside more in winter.

    (Just noticed the "You might also like" for rommegrot. My husband is of Norwegian descent, so we had rommegrot at his family Christmas gathering this past weekend. Even though few of them like it, they make it anyway! I like it in small amounts -- it's so rich! -- with a little cinnamon and sugar. I'll have to check out your recipe!)

  3. Yep, I just got my first-ever pair of snow shoes. I'm having fun with, mostly just walking laps around my house! The neighbors must think I'm nutty. It's definitely getting me outside more, even for just a few minutes at a time.

    We made rommegrot again this Christmas, and my dad said it was the best batch my sister and I have ever made. I thought it was a little rich, too, so I only had a small serving. We had a lot of buttery, sugary food this year for Christmas :) My stomach is still recovering. But we sure had fun. Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas!


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