Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aerogarden: Month 4

OK.  One last Aerogarden update for the year.  I'm down to the last two weeks of fertilizer packets, and then I'm going to put these Aerogardens away until December rolls around again.

Of the three herb pods, the thyme is the last one left.  It's actually been thriving now that it doesn't have to compete with the dill.  It's grown bushy and tall.

I had to trim the petunias back a couple weeks ago because they got too leggy and were bumping up against the grow light.  I also was having a tough time keeping them well watered.  They were sucking up a bowl of water every two days!  When I couldn't keep up with the watering, the petunias started to wilt.  I still have one of the three petunia pods that's doing pretty well, thanks to the trim I gave it to promote blooming.

Hope you've enjoyed watching these Aerogardens grow over the winter months.  Now let's head outside and get our summer gardens ready!

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