Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aerogarden: Month 3

 Well, it's been a fun couple months watching my little Aerogardens sprout and grow. I really appreciated these mini-gardens in the winter, when the nights were so dark and long.

Unfortunately, my Aerogardens are struggling at this point. I forgot to water the herb aerogarden a couple weeks back (for some reason, the time-to-water indicator lights don't work on my Aerogardens), and the dill didn't recover. That's OK, though. It turned out to be an odd variety of dill, not at all like the dill in my garden. My husband said the Aerogarden dill had little to no flavor when he cooked with it.

The petunias were supposed to cascade, but instead, they grew tall. My hubby said it was probably because they didn't get enough light, which makes sense, considering that I keep them in a rather dark entryway.

Even though they don't look so pretty now, it's still fun to see the Aerogarden seeds grow throughout the winter months. Now I'm looking forward to warmer days so I can get my early spring garden started outside. Right now, the temps are 30 degrees, a little cold for this time of year. But I hope to get a few seeds planted maybe next weekend. Wish me luck!

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