Sunday, March 6, 2011

Riding off into the Arizona sunset

Hope you don't mind that I'm sharing one more recap of my Arizona spring break.  I know I'll appreciate seeing these pics later on, especially when I'm snowed in at home later this week :)

On my last day in Arizona, my mom and stepdad treated me to a trip to an amazing new movie theater in Scottsdale.  I'm a gigantic movie buff, and it was only fitting that on the night of the Oscars, we went to a fancy Hollywood-style move theater.

The theater had a special digital screen where we sat in leather reclining seats.

A waiter stopped to see if we were interested in ordering anything from the menu, which featured panini sandwiches, personal pizzas, wine, beer or snacks.  We ordered chocolate shakes and popcorn.

It actually turned out to be a great day for an indoor activity.  A "cold spell" hit the area, and temperatures dropped to 50 degrees.  We had to drive in a little bit of hail on the way to the movie theater.

But 50 degrees was still better than the 20-degree temps and snow we're seeing here in Iowa today.  Just a few more days until spring, right?  I'm definitely missing those bright blue Arizona skies.

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