Friday, December 10, 2010

Cookie Friday: Christmas cookie plate

One of my very favorite things to do is bake cookies.  I've been known to go a little crazy when it comes to Christmas cookie baking.

My record is baking more than 12 different kinds of cookies for Christmas.  I went on a month-long baking spree.  Every free night I had was spent mixing up cookie dough in the kitchen.

While I had a lot of fun trying new cookie recipes, it was seriously too much.  My family is fairly small, and we don't have big gatherings for Christmas.  We ended up with way too many leftover cookies in the freezer, which isn't ideal considering that's also the time of year when you're trying to work off those extra holiday calories.

So this year, I went simple.  I only made two types of cookies.  One batch was my favorite ginger creme cookies, the other was the lemon sandwich cookies that my husband requested.

I'll leave the sugar cookies to my sister this year.  She's a much better baker than I.

So, what's on your Christmas cookie plate this year?

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