Saturday, December 4, 2010

The sky's on fire

Here's the view out my kitchen window as I was eating supper the other night.

I just love the early sunsets this time of year, even if the days are shorter.

On a side note, we missed another snow storm here in central Iowa.  A year ago last week, we had a whopper of a blizzard.  So if we can make it through another snow-free week, that means winter's at least one week shorter this year, right?


  1. Stunning photos Teresa! Sometimes when we are walking the dog and look to the west and wish we were at the beach for sunset! You never know how stunning it's going to look until you see it. Yeah I know that sounded kind of a dumb statement. Almost like Yogi Berra said "it isn't over until it's over"

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yes, it's funny how I tend to take sunsets for granted. We've had cloudy skies all week, so I haven't been able to see a colorful sunset like the ones above for several days now. But it's nice to see the sunrise when I'm driving to work, and the sunset when I'm driving home every night this time of year.


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