Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pella bakery

I traveled to Pella recently for work. I'd never been to downtown Pella before, so I swung by downtown to check out the Dutch bakeries.  I stopped at Jaarsma Bakery, and I couldn't believe the wide variety of treats inside.  I thought the bakery just sold Dutch letters, but they had that and much more. Breads, cookies, cakes, pastries, chocolates -- it was hard to pick just one!

I was a little overwhelmed, so I ended up buying a few cookies and Dutch letters to take home.

After I bought the sweets, I stopped in the clothing shop next door, and the salesperson told me I had to go back to the bakery and find the chocolate almond horns in the refrigerated case.  The almond horns are baked with almond paste in the dough, so they are extra chewy, almost like a caramel candy bar, although not caramel in flavor.  My husband ended up loving these, even more so than the Dutch letters (although he ended up polishing off the Dutch letters, too!)

Before I left town, I also visited the Pella meat shop and came home with the famous Pella bologna.  We enjoyed this for supper when I got home.

I'm already trying to talk my husband into taking another road trip to Pella, just so I can show him the amazing bakeries!

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