Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I've been up to: April 2013

It seems like I've been super busy this last month, and now I know why after looking at all these random photos from my iPod.  So much to share with you!

Earlier this month, I visited In the Country Garden and Gifts near Independence in northeast Iowa.  The family-owned greenhouse offers fairy garden supplies, succulents and a huge variety of hostas.  I couldn't believe all the succulent arrangements that they had on display.  Lots of good ideas for the garden.

On my way home, I swung by the Moo Roo ice cream shop in Cedar Falls.  It's one of the best stops in Iowa for homemade ice cream.  My favorite is the cake batter flavor.  And the waffle cones are homemade, too!

The crocuses started popping up in early April.  Unfortunately, the weather has been so cold, my tulips still aren't blooming yet. But soon, very soon.

For two days in a row, I left work in the evening and heard a tapping sound in the stairwell.  I looked up and saw a goose in the second story window!  This little bugger was watching all of us as we left the building.

I ran my first 5K of the year this month.  It was the Doughnut Run in Ames.  You can deduct seconds off your time by eating doughnuts along the route.  My stomach can't handle doughnuts while I'm running.  But it's fun to see the ISU frat boys try to top each other by eating way too many doughnuts.

My hubby and I stopped by the local Orschelen's farm store and saw these little chicks for sale.  Almost made me want to take one home, but then my hubby reminded me that they aren't so cute when they grow up.

Thank goodness chickens can't read.

We followed up our farm store visit with a stop at Taco John's for the tacos and potato oles.  No we didn't eat all of this food, but we tried!  My aunt, who is a retired flight attendant, says whenever she was back in Iowa, she always had to stop at Taco John's.  That means a lot coming from a woman who also loves to eat at fancy sushi restaurants whenever she's back in Japan.

I also visited Thistleberry Cottage near Oakland in southwest Iowa.  It's a gift and home decor store located on an Iowa farm.  Looking at these photos, I wish I would have bought one the bracelets to take home. 

 My husband bought me the most ridiculous gift for my birthday.  He thought it would be a good addition to my garden.

At the end of the month, I drove down to Des Moines to participate in the Solidarity Run to support the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The organizers asked runners to write chalk messages on the steps of Nollen Plaza.  It was a beautiful tribute.

Finally, I left for a one-week vacation (more on that later). When I came back home, my tomato seedlings were huge!  My hubby did a good job of taking care of them while I was gone.

Today, I'm planning to do some more gardening before the weather turns cold and rainy again.  Here's hoping for a warm May!

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