Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dehydrating tomatoes

Remember all those green tomatoes I picked in October before the first frost?

Well, slowly (very slowly!), the tomatoes have ripened over the past few weeks.  I've kept them stored in a couple wicker baskets. Once a week, I pick out the ripe tomatoes and either freeze them whole (after boiling the peels off) or cut them up for the dehydrator.

I bought this dehydrator as a birthday present for my husband a few years back, not knowing if we would actually use it that much.  But we use it all the time -- and all year round.  When we're not drying tomatoes, we're drying pears, carrots, apples and herbs, just to name a few.

My husband likes to add the dried tomatoes and carrots in pasta dishes.  He calls it his own version of hamburger helper :)

I love the mix of yellow and red dehydrated tomatoes in the mix.  My husband has already requested that I grow the "Orange Blossom" tomatoes again next year. One plant yielded a lot of yellow (insect-free) fruit.

Do you have a dehydrator at home? What have you tried to dry in it?

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  1. I bought a dehydrater for my dad and he never used it so I have it now. I would love to do tomatoes if we had any good ones here in Florida. I thought I'd try oranges. Do you have a good recipe for beef jerky?


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