Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Food Festival

Des Moines hosted the annual World Food Prize ceremony in early October.  The kick-off event for the celebration was the World Food Festival, which featured food vendors serving up specialty dishes from all around the world.  I'd heard good things about the World Food Festival, so I didn't want to miss it again this year.

I was greeted by dancers and rows of food vendors lining the streets of the East Village.

 Each vendor offered $1 samples.  I tried as many of those samples as I could.  Some of the foods I didn't like, but most were wonderful.  One of my favorite booths was Indian Delights.  I ordered the $1 sample, which was a curry-spiced potato, and the Mango lassi, which looked so pretty in the dish.

I stood in line forever to try a bacon-wrapped grilled banana.  To be honest, it wasn't that great -- not terrible, but not all that good either. But at least I can say I tried one!

My favorite discovery of the day was the cabbage-stuffed pierogi.  It was a revelation!  Soft and doughy like a fresh donut, but with a touch of peppery cabbage filling.  It was worth driving to Des Moines just for this pierogi!

Of course, I also couldn't help but get a $1 sample of the bacon ice cream.  Again, it was just OK, nothing outstanding.  Actually, I could barely taste the bacon, it was chopped so fine.

Pretty soon, I was getting full, and I didn't feel like standing in any more lines.  On a whim, I decided to try the homemade toasted marshmallows.  They were wonderful.  One marshmallow was coconut flavored, the other caramel.  They were nice a gooey on the inside.  I could have eaten several more of these lovelies.

Before I left, I ordered the chili-spiced cantaloupe with lime juice, just for fun.  Oh, goodness.  I loved this!  The hot chili powder really complimented the sweet cantaloupe.  I've got to try this at home.

I already can't wait to attend the World Food Festival again next year, just so I can get my hands on another periogi!

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  1. hello teresa,
    just wonderful........stuffed cabbage pierogi,it
    looks delicious.thanks for all the nice photos.
    have a wonderful weekend,
    blessings regina


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