Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall garden update

I'm happy to report that my garden is still going strong, despite a couple of frost scares earlier this fall.  In early October, we've been enjoying 80 degree temperatures. Last year at this time, we got our first snow!  My husband and I are taking advantage of these unseasonably warm days by spending a lot of time on the bike trail and lake.  Needless to say, my garden and house aren't as spruced up as they should be, but we figure we've got all winter to work on household chores.

However, I did manage to remember to plant a few lettuce, radish and spinach seeds back in late August for a third-season garden crop.  The warm weather really helped these little seedlings along.  Unfortunately, the weather has also been dry.  We've gone almost two weeks now without rain!  But these little plants are still hanging in there.  The radishes are small, but I think they are ready to pick this weekend.

Please ignore the weeds. I've been too busy biking to spend time in the garden.

I'm really excited to share a little "experiment" I've been trying out in my garden.  At a recent community garden open house in Osceola, I learned about "bag" gardening.  I decided to give it a try.  I had a reuseable shopping bag that had ripped at the handles (the grocery bagger guy told me this happens all the time).  I wanted to find another use for the bag, so I thought why not use it in the garden.  I filled the bag with potting soil, sprinkled lettuce seeds on top, placed it under a shade tree (since lettuce doesn't like the summer heat) and then kept it watered regularly.

 Sure enough, I ended up with "bagged" lettuce!

The annual flowers in my garden are also looking pretty good, despite the cool temperatures at night.  I love these marigolds.  They are from a free seed packet I received in a goodie bag for a 5K race.

Even more surprising, the ever-bearing strawberry plant is doing even better in fall than it did in the spring and summer.  I've got lots of berries forming.  Unfortunately, the bugs have discovered the fruit, so I haven't been able to eat them.  Still trying to decide if I want to try to overwinter my stack-a-pot strawberries, especially now that I'm worried about bringing bugs into the house.

Strawberry Stack-a-Pot
I'm so proud of my little backyard garden.  It produced the best tomato and pepper crop that I've had in years.  And it still looks pretty and is productive in the fall.  I love three-season gardening!  I think I'm also going to start a herb garden in my kitchen this winter.

How are all your gardens growing?  Have you done a lot of canning and freezing with your garden produce?


  1. Great idea using the reusable grocery bag. They come in pretty colors and even if one needed to buy one new, they are still cheaper and greener than a plastic pot.

  2. Your garden looks great. I'm debating on covering everything tonight with the drop in temperatures.

  3. Me too. Wish we could have one more frost free week so the radishes and lettuce would grow a little bigger. But I'm happy for a late frost this year.


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