Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time to build an ark

What do you get when a record amount of snow starts to melt a little too quickly?  We've got another "100-year" flood on our hands.

I traveled with my family back to my hometown in north-central Iowa last weekend.  We were surprised to see the town park flooded by the Shellrock River.

Everything was under water in the park, including the softball fields, concession stand and playground equipment.

Here in central Iowa, the Des Moines River is supposed to reach "major" flood stage over the weekend.  I drive over the river on my commute, and each time I cross the bridge, the water looks to be a few feet higher.  (Sorry no pictures, but it's a narrow bridge without a place to park.)  They are closing Highway 30 just north of us because of the flooding.

We're lucky to live just far enough away from the river to avoid the flooding.  Honestly, I'm just happy that the snow is finally gone.  The weather forecast tomorrow calls for 60 degree temperatures!  That's the warmest weather I've seen since November!

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