Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: First snow


  1. Wow I can't bealieve you got snow already! Is this a record for the earliest snow? How is the weather usually for Halloween?

    We've been in the 90s all week and we are suppose to get a cold front come through this weekend and our high will be just 73. I'm like, "what happened to the 80s?" We can't handle a drop like that! I better jump in the pool while I can.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Oh, the 70s would be wonderful! We've had at least two weeks of rainy, unseasonably cold weather here in Iowa. The corn and soybean harvest is two weeks behind schedule, and the farmers are antsy to get out in the fields before the heavy snows arrive. We usually don't see snow until November. So we're all hoping that this isn't a sign of terrible winter ahead. Spend some time in the sun for me :)

  3. Yes, this is unseasonable for us too, we ususally don't see 70's til December for a high that is. The kids always get too hot on Halloween if they wear long sleaves. It's supposed to warm up again though, but now the weather is perfect to get some yard work done. Enjoy those fall colors for me:)


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