Sunday, October 18, 2009

Martha Mondays: Potstickers

For this week's Martha Mondays challenge, I made the potstickers from the October issue of Everyday Food. This recipe reminded me of my quick trip to Beijing, China, a few years back for work. My first night in Beijing, the server prepared duck dumplings at our table. The dumplings were by far one of the best things I ate during the trip.

So I was looking forward to experimenting with won-ton wrappers. I made a special trip to a big-city grocery store to find the won-ton wrappers and fresh ginger for this recipe. Basically, I filled the won-tons with a mini ground-pork meatball, seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and chives. The assembly was so easy, and the potstickers looked great after a quick dip in boiling water. Yet disaster loomed...

When I fried up the potstickers in oil, they stuck to the bottom of the pan. Thought I had the oil hot enough to keep them from sticking, but I guess not. My husband and I still tried to eat them, and the ginger-pork combination was very good. I'm still a beginning cook, so I don't blame the recipe. I'm curious to see how this turned out for the other Martha Monday members. Thanks to Martha and Me for the unique project!


  1. When I made my pork dumplings, but not this recipe. I put them in a bamboo steamer and placed them on banana leaves from my back yard (you could use parchment paper), so they wouldn't stick. They were great like that, but it did make so many. I put them in the frig, and freezer. Then when I got them out for lunch I put then in a fry pan with a little oil and made potstickers out of them. Worked good like that. A few tore a little, but not that bad! This was on my other blog here is a link

  2. I had the same issue at first Teresa, but then used more oil when frying and it seemed to be okay. They weren't as perfect as Martha's though!

  3. It's a shame they stuck so bad. They sound so tasty and now I wish I would have tried them. (I did the luminaries!)I'll have to do a Chinese night one evening and give them a try.

  4. I didn't have a problem with sticking but then I didn't boil them first. I threw them in a hot non-stick pan that had a teaspoon of oil in it, added some water, covered, and steamed them for a few minutes. Only one stuck and lost its filling. I wonder why you had such bad luck with them.


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