Monday, January 14, 2013

Broccoli salad

My husband and I haven't given up on our efforts to eat more vegetables. We enjoy a good broccoli salad, but I always felt a little bad about serving it, especially because of all the sugar in the church cookbook recipes I've found.  So I was happy to discover this slightly healthier version of broccoli salad from Our Best Bites.  

Yes, the recipe still has bacon in it! But it also has a lot less sugar.  I've tweaked the recipe a bit for my taste; I add raisins instead of dried cranberries, skip the sunflower seeds and broccoli slaw; and use honey mustard instead of coarse-grain, because that's what we have in our fridge.

I find that I like broccoli more if I cut it up into small pieces, and trim the stems off a little.

And here's the finished broccoli salad. Not so pretty in this close-up photo, but it's very good.

Give this salad a try if you have "non-broccoli" eaters in your house.  I bet the bacon will win them over!

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