Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberry cupcakes + a fish tale!

So I'm kind of obsessed with strawberries right now.  I buy at least 2 pints of strawberries whenever I'm in a grocery store, which usually is a couple times a week.  (Yes, I like shopping for groceries.)  I'm also obsessed with cupcakes right now.  I've been stopping at the Ames cupcake shop almost every weekend.  I'm crazy about the buttercream frosting!  My husband, always my biggest cheerleader, said I should try to make cute cupcakes at home.  It's not so hard, he said.

After googling cupcake recipes, I finally decided to try the strawberry cupcakes featured recently on Eat, Live, Run.  The recipe says to puree the strawberries in a blender before adding them to the batter, but I didn't want to break my old blender out, so I just mashed the berries up.  The cupcakes turned out terrific, but when I started to make the buttercream frosting, I realized that I was out of powdered sugar.

Just then, my husband walked in the house after an afternoon of fishing (in the rain).  He told me he was taking over the kitchen so he could start cleaning his catch.

Yes, we have been eating fish all week :)

Anyhow, I didn't want to be anywhere near the kitchen when my husband was gutting fish.  So I drove to the grocery store and bought a can of strawberry frosting.  These cupcakes are only half-finished (or semi-homemade, if you will).  The cupcake part was awesome, the canned strawberry frosting only so-so. But it tamed my cupcake frosting craving, temporarily.

Cupcakes & fish -- Probably two things that should never go together, but oh well!

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