Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden expansion

My husband and I finally bought bags and bags of mulch to cover our perennial garden.  Actually, we put down a layer of newspaper, then covered the newspaper with the mulch.  We had quite a weed problem, so the mulch will make our garden look so much better.

However, my husband also surprised me by digging up our yard and expanding the garden space so I can plant more tomatoes this year.  We both hate to mow the yard, so we're happy to turn our yard into a vegetable garden.  Plus, it's the only sunny spot in the yard.

It's time to plant tomatoes, because our cool-season lettuces are ready to pick. The clematis vines also bloomed like crazy last week, but a strong wind has already knocked most of the blooms off.  Glad I took pictures!

First peonies in bloom!
Are you planting tomatoes this year?  What variety are you planting?  My sister wants to start a vegetable garden this year, and she wants to grow cherry tomatoes, since her husband doesn't like tomatoes.  (Can you imagine not liking BLTs?)

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  1. Such pretty, pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing.


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