Monday, April 2, 2012

Tulip time

My backyard tulips started blooming about a month before normal thanks to the warm spring weather. However, it's been rainy and windy this past week, so the tulips are looking a little shaggy.  I managed to take a few photos (in the wind!) of the blooms before they blew away.

I tried to "scatter plant" a few tulips in a garden bed, but they ended up a little spread out.  I like it better when the tulips are in bunches.  I'll have to remember to plant the tulips a little closer together next year.

I also planted a few rows of lettuce, radish and carrot seeds last weekend.  Even if we get another frost in April, these cold-weather crops should be just fine. Have you planted anything in your garden yet, or are you waiting for warmer weather?


  1. Love the tulips! What kind are they (In the first picture)?

  2. The tulips in the first photo are "Daffy Duck" tulips from Earl May.


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