Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June garden update

I absolutely love this time of year!  The weather is so beautiful here in Iowa, and my garden looks its best in late May and early June.  Last week, we had all kinds of flowers blooming in our backyard. I like to spend time outside every evening admiring all the birds, blooms and bees.

The neighbor's cat "photo-bombed" this next picture.

My husband planted our clematis vines a couple years ago.  They're like his babies; he's very proud of all the blooms.  Our neighbors liked the vines so much, they're putting up a clematis trelis by their garage.  We're neighborhood trend-setters!

I finally finished planting my little vegetable garden.  I plant annual flowers in the front, for our neighbors' benefit.  They like to sit out on the backporch at night, watching the fireflies in our garden.

My first vase of cut flowers of the season! My husband's good friend and mentor made this gorgeous clay pitcher.  It's my favorite for displaying flowers.

As always, I'm joined in the garden every night by Levi, our neighbors' cat.  He's always good company!

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