Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best-ever rice pudding

My husband came up with the most ingenious way to make rice pudding. Instead of making it over the stovetop, he whipped up a batch in the rice cooker. 

I asked my hubby to take pictures to show off his work.  He added dried cherries to the top of his rice pudding.

We use our rice cooker at least once a week, since my husband and I both love stir-fry.  We learned long ago that it's best to spend a little money and buy a non-stick rice cooker.  We've had this rice cooker for many years.

Anyhow, my hubby doesn't really follow a recipe when he's in the kitchen, but he loosely based his rice pudding on this version. He steamed the white rice in the rice cooker, then when the rice was done, he added milk, sugar, vanilla and raisins. Then he popped the lid back on and let it cook some more.  He didn't add an egg, because the rice ended up perfectly creamy without it.  I sprinkled my helping with a little cinnamon and sugar on top.

My husband and I loved his version of rice pudding so much, he ended up making it again the next day.  Such a treat on an extremely cold (-14 degree) winter night.

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