Sunday, October 31, 2010

First frost

I traveled back home to northern Iowa this week, and overnight, the temperatures dipped well below freezing.  I just had to go outside and take a few pictures of the first hard freeze of the year.  I took these pictures while on a very cold walk on the new trail that circles the Worth County Fairgrounds in Northwood.

My sister calls this the Northwood "skyline" -- the grain elevator where my dad used to deliver his corn.

The menu board was still up at the 4-H food stand, although the picnic tables were empty.

There's a barn quilt above the entrance of the Kiddie Barn.  Barn quilts are very popular in Iowa right now.

I have many happy memories of summer evenings spent watching country music acts and figure 8 races from the top row of wooden benches in the fair's historic grandstand.

A few trees are a little reluctant to give up their leaves for the season.

Couldn't resist walking through the fall leaves just to hear them crinkle under my feet.

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