Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iowa Road Trip: Freedom Rock

I found myself in Greenfield recently on a work-related road trip.  I slammed on my brakes and parked my car when I saw this Iowa landmark on the side of the road - the Freedom Rock.

Iowa is studded with many of these large rocks, left behind when the glaciers moved through the state during the Ice Age.  Often, you can see the rocks as you drive by on the Interstate.  Usually, they are painted with graffiti.

The Freedom Rock is painted every year by a local man, nicknamed "Bubba," as his tribute to U.S. soldiers.  It's a powerful memorial, conveying such emotion and respect.

 Visitors have left personal momentos behind, honoring their loved ones who gave their life to their country.

Bubba repaints a new tribute on the Freedom Rock every year on Memorial Day.  It's a generous gift to his community and Iowa veterans.

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