Saturday, May 1, 2010

HBin5: Milk and honey bread

Hi everyone!  The weather is so perfect this spring, I haven't spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking.  But I've been waiting for months to try this week's Healthy Bread in 5 assignment, Milk and Honey Bread.

My husband is a big fan of raisin bread, so I was looking forward to trying a healthier version.  Once again, this bread was super easy to prepare.  Just mix the ingredients and let it rise in the fridge overnight.

The bread turned out beautiful!

I had a tough time mixing the raisins into the sticky dough (I use a wooden spoon and mix my doughs by hand whenever possible).  My husband noticed right away that the raisins were on the outer edges of the bread, not the inside.  Oh well.  When it's homemade, it doesn't have to be perfect :)

Please visit Big Black Dogs to see how the other HBin5 bakers did with their breads this week.


  1. I was taught to mix fruit in the flour to slightly coat it and then the theory is that they dont all clump together - this was for cakes but I presumed the same theory would work for bread so thats how I did it. For my husbands taste there was simply not enough raisins in my bread :( there is no pleasing some husbands LOL.

  2. Your bread looks delicious! I loved this one as well.

  3. Your bread looks like it turned out great! I also would add more raisins next time.

  4. I doubled my raisins and still thought it could use more. Your crumb is beautiful!

  5. Looks wonderful....Late night blog hopping.....
    Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on Sunday night

  6. My raisins sunk to the bottom of my loaf. Oh well...I thought about lightly coating the raisins with flour which is supposed to help suspend the fruit within the dough but I skipped it.

    Your loaf is gorgeous and no matter the wandering raisins I bet it was delicious!

  7. Your bread looks delicious!

    I'm making this one next time so I'll definitely add more raisins.

  8. Your bread looks delicious! I can just imagine it toasted with a nice pat of butter melting.. Wonderful!

  9. your bread looks wonderful!! This was one of my favorites!!!


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