Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joys of winter

We got another 6 inches of snow this week. This weather is beyond ridiculous.

Another huge icicle has formed on the opposite side of our house.

Possibly out of complete winter delirium, I decided to buy a second AeroGarden when I saw the little wonders on sale.  I'm growing herbs in my second AeroGarden.  And they are doing remarkably well.


 I ran into one snag, though. The aerator, or "bubbler," in the base of the AeroGarden isn't working.  I contacted the AeroGarden folks, and they agreed to send another base, no charge, no questions asked.  AeroGarden rocks!

My flowers are growing like crazy, too.


 Just a few short weeks, and I'll be planting seeds outside again.  But I wonder, how long will it take for 2 feet of snow to melt:

I think my garden is under there somewhere...


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