Sunday, September 20, 2009

Martha Mondays: Donation bag

This week's Martha Mondays challenge was to create a charitable donation bag. The idea is to hang a tote bag in a convenient location; fill it with any clothes or household items you want to give to charity; and grab the tote bag on your way out the door when you're ready to take the items to a donation center.

It's a terrific idea. Right now, Ihave the bad habit of just throwing unwanted clothes on the bottom of my closet, and then when there's a pile, I'll bag them up and take to Goodwill. There's a new Goodwill store just a few blocks from my route to work, so it would be pretty convenient to drop off a small bag every now and then, instead of making one big trip with multiple garbage bags full of clothes.

I placed this old tote, which I got "free-with-purchase," on a hook in the back of my old closet.

Since my husband and I started to order a lot of our household supplies on Amazon to save trips to town, we've got a regular supply of big boxes. I've already filled up a couple boxes full of clothes to take to Goodwill. I'll probably drop them off this week, while I'm thinking about it.

Also decided to put a "donation box" near the upstair closet, which tends to fill up with books I've already read. Thought I could fill this box with books and take them to our local library, which holds a book sale fundraiser twice a year.

Thanks to Martha and Me for another great challenge!

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  1. I thought this was great way to help with organization. But I'm using a box instead of a bag. Call me a rebel! ;)


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