Monday, August 17, 2009

Peachy keen!

My husband brought home a huge box of peaches from the Slater farmers' market last week. And when I say huge, I really mean it! I counted more than 80 peaches in the box. They looked a little different than the peaches you find in the grocery store. The peach fuzz was a little rougher, the fruit was tart and the peaches had blemishes and insect holes. But they had a beautiful color and seemed very old fashioned, which I love.

Josh helped me lay out the peaches on his workshop table so they wouldn't bruise before I had a chance to work with them.

I went on a canning spree over the weekend, making two kinds of peach jam. I tried a recipe for peach pie preserves for the first time. The cinnamon and nutmeg in the recipe smelled fabulous!
After five hours of canning, and still half the peaches left, I went into panic mode and decided to can whole peaches in quart jars for later use. It was my first time canning peaches, so they look a little rough. I'm hoping they still taste good, though.

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  1. The peaches look good, as do the pickles! We should get together sometime and having a canning party! I only do tomatoes, juice, and salsa but I enjoy it way more than I ever thought I would! Thanks for sharing this with me!


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