Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horsin' around

A few weeks back, I was looking for something fun and relaxing to do after a stressful week.  I heard that the Iowa State Fairgrounds was hosting the World Percheron Congress.  I've been fascinated with draft horses ever since I met a couple of Clydesdale owners from north Iowa a couple years ago.  They told me how much time, money and work goes into raising giant draft horses.  Now I have a newfound respect for these amazing animals and their dedicated owners.

Percherons are such graceful giants.  And so stylish in black :)

Love the little details of getting a horse ready for show.  It's like they are dressing for prom.

The wagons are also kept in prestine condition for the show ring.  Great to see a pink ribbon on the back of this ride.

Young contestants were preparing for the junior exhibit when I arrived.

The event took place in the beautiful new Jacobsen Exhibit Hall at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  The hall was built specifically to bring world-class horse shows to central Iowa.

I stood outside on the sidewalk to watch the blue-ribbon winners take their victory lap.

I watched some of the judging during the junior show.  Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than I wanted because of an unexpected allergy attack.  (Somehow, I always forget that I'm allergic to hay.) 

I'm looking forward to seeing more horse shows at the fairgrounds in the future.


  1. how neat is this! You have a wonderful blog! I am your newest follower!


  2. Thanks so much! Always love new followers!


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