Friday, August 27, 2010

Cookie Friday: Rice Krispie Treats

Happy Cookie Friday!  I'm still recovering from my numerous trips to the Iowa State Fair last week.  During every visit to the fair, I tried to get my hands on the newest state fair treat -- Fair Squares -- which, in essence, were Rice Krispie Treats on a stick. But every time I tried to buy one, they were sold out.  Guess they were super popular (maybe because they were $2, when everything other treat was $5 and above).

So I decided to give into my craving and make Rice Krispie treats at home.  Yes, I know this is the easiest recipe ever.  And no, I didn't add homemade marshmallows or another foodie ingredient.  I just made Rice Krispie bars like my mom used to make them -- with generic-brand marshmallows, melted in the microwave.

I did jazz them up with the M&Ms I still had in the freezer from my earlier attempt at M&M cookies.  (Notice a pattern here.  I like simple, old-fashioned recipes.)

I'm assuming I don't need to share the recipe here.  I just followed the instructions on the box.

If you haven't given these a try for a while, make up a batch today.  It will take you back to your childhood.

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