Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Iowa road trip: Fort Dodge

I found myself in the central Iowa town of Fort Dodge this week on another road trip for work.  I took advantage of a sunny day to check out the downtown, which is pretty unique.  It's almost like a mini-city skyline, with towering main-street buildings.  Tucked away within these buildings was the gorgeous county courthouse.  It's unlike any courthouse I've seen in Iowa. Very ornate.

The Webster County Courthouse is listed in the National Historic Registry.

I found these old painted "billboards" on the side of a downtown building.  Wonder how old they are?

Loved this mural on the side of another building.  Almost looks like the oxen (or are they horses?) are plowing through the city courtyard.

Glad I took a few extra minutes out of my day to go exploring in Fort Dodge!

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